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Lots of players there. But…

There are lots of bass players out there that play on a certain level. You could name a lot of those. But why would you be picky and choose the right one? Because there are a couple of things more to it than just playing a good bass. So go on reading and have a glimpse:



The ‚Half—Hearted—Bass‘. Do you often hear recordings „featuring“ thin and boring bass tracks? It doesn’t deliver? And what about when it’s live? Well, you get some momentum and boomy sound – But what about the bigness? You are listening to the bass just cause it’s there. How do you get this feel in your music? An announcement like: „Here! THIS is bass!“ Not boom, no loud mud. Just big, cultivated sound, that’s what you want. This has nothing to do with best amps and outboard. Live and in the studio, it’s done by the unique player.

BigBass! is my idea. It was developed for this single purpose: Deliver huge and wide sound. BigBass! is my recipe so you can feel cosy on stage and you smile: Wow! If all my bands’ instruments were planes, this bass is an aircraft carrier! In the studio all of your arrangement ideas sit perfectly and they will shine beautifully.

Say stop to starving and thirsting bass lines that don’t provide a great foundation. Well, wait a sec’: Can’t I just turn up the volume and boost some EQ?

Nope – This is well thought and trained skill on the instrument. Whatever amp is used! It’s the realization of a profound thought-through idea for just the single purpose: Huge Sound – Deepest Definition – Gentlemen-like behavior.

BigBass! is bass for grown-ups. It’s not a matter of grooves or anything else. Just gigantic and giving lots of space for your arrangement or performance, played by me.







BigPictureBass! Your musical work is your house. It’s got a cellar, ground level, upper floors, birds on the roof. Usually bass players do some work in your cellar, some times they even live there. It’s their job to provide a good basement. They build structure and walls to support the rest of your building. But do they know what is on the upper floors? Do they support, what’s happening upstairs? Often, they don’t understand too much of what’s happening above them. You have to tell them, so they can try to deliver. Their cellar nice and beautiful but they don’t take too much notice of the other stuff above.

SmartBass gives you more. Let’s stay with the analogy: With me using SmartBass you can have a player, that knows your musical architecture. Who went through every room and floor and knows  what’s happening. Like the architect that sees what is needed to make the upper deck a sun-deck, that provides shininess to your ideas. Build the foundations so that on top everything sits neatly. SmartBass means having a player that knows. One you don’t have to explain what is happening, only what your wishes are. Far beyond just playing a good groove.



BigBass! and SmartBass concepts by Maik Antrack

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