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The player does the trick

Everyone records. These days, a lot of musicians have computers and equipment set up for home recording. The action of creating music changed with a phenomena after recent technological progresses, so new ways of composing and recording music are continuously increasing. There are little project studios everywhere, cheap hardware, some MIDI-Controllers and monitors. It seems to be easy, creating music all by one’s self. Including the bass? Of course – You have everything to do music that you need.


There are some points, one should consider:

It’s the player, that does the trick. You can have all the fancy plugins and equipment but you are not able to create the feel and sound of a real-played bass track for your project. Some electricity, wires, condensers. Plus: The human subtleties and discrepancies that create even more interest. That’s much more than a bunch of  calculated „00110011011“ inside a chip. Tried and true – in past and future.

Better done than tried. Being a 3-4-Go! – bass player I have many years of experience playing the bass. That will help your track reaching the next level. Cause if you have professional ambitions, you’ll admit: Recording equipment can not transform you into an experienced and well-trained musician. A well-designed, classy, bass line is something you just can’t buy in devices. As your bass player, I’ll assist you to give your music something extra: What we think it needs. Commitment, Vibe, Feel, Groove. –. Not something, that „might be“ „could“ or „should work“.

Clear vision. Found. As we discuss the options on how to develop the track, your own vision will become clearer as to what your music needs. This will affect the piece that you produce in more areas than just the bass.