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All songs got real names of course, but it’s clients work and therefore needs to be anonymized.

  • Song 1: Is a rather current work for an upcoming studio production. I got the raw idea of the song (Vocal track and piano midi track) The song was clustered, song parts weird and not structured. I gave the whole thing a nice bow, band sound and vibe. Worked on harmonies, chords, vocal phrases. Now it’s – A SONG! 🙂 However, this will be recorded, so drums are programmed and the whole thing works as a demo for what the musicians shall play. (They even might get sheet music 🙂 )But you should be able to hear what I did. Like said, I just had vocals and simple chords before, just parts, no real structure.
  • Song 2: Is a theme song for a short movie. I wrote the song and produced it to an airy – floating vibe. Some playful guitars but unsteady at the same time. The director and one of the main actors liked the song to be sung by the actor himself – who might not be the greatest singer… However, I went with the job and recorded him and we made best of what he could do, vocally.
    It’s a song about getting new hope and finding a path after you’re really lost. The movie is about a violinist who suffered from a brain stroke and now she lost control over the left side of her body, so she can’t play violin anymore. The song is a message by this young man in the movie that cares for her each day.

However, if you look for a certain style, I can work to what you would need. Pop, Jazz/Blues, Soul. Music, that can be actually played by musicians. I’m not so much into electronics. Musically, I’d go for clear structures, vibe and work for the song so that it’s clear and ‚delivers the package‘. When we produce songs, I’d go back to the core of the song. Before any button says RECORD, we work on your raw song and get this down to earth, if needed. Then we build up the song to what it needs best and how it sits great with your voice. Can be very different to what you hear above.

One last thing: A different work I did, when I was in Australia back in 2014. I played on big festivals and there were musicians around that I know. So we did this super beautiful piece by Danny Elfman, ‚Ice Dance‘. If you watch „Edward Scissorhands“, there is this scene where he’s carving an angel out of an ice block. The music underneath is amazing. This is orchestral bliss, written for some 100 people counting orchestra. I loved the thought of playing the piece with the group of musicians and so I’ve arranged it down to make it work.

There was not much time to rehearse steadily, so sometimes it’s a bit raw in intonation. But see:


I’ve written all the single voices for each musician, have a look into the sheet sample:

Ice Dance Sample.pdf

Have a good weekend,