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Sophie Song

Hey Sophie,


here it is. Rough first draft. I didn’t cut the guitar to the drums, so it’s sounding shaky. But you get the idea.

Action needed: Whatever is done, the bridge needs more writing work to make it work. I suggest you make a smoother melody transition from end of chorus to bridge. The bridge itself is good but it is just ‚attached‘ or ‚glued‘ to the chorus before. One can hear that and at the moment, it doesn’t work seamlessly… So I’d say, find a smoother transition. Melody might be it.

For all structural bits, I worked to make it more focussed and tight. Changed few chord things and overall this could be a snappy hooky song. To the point. Also, this arrangement could be played live effortlessly, everything nice in it’s place. Somehow the sound points towards you being a telling, narrating lady. Not too cheesy, but still charming from material.


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