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Hi Carlos,

here are some demos.

„Über’s Dach…“ is a short song being played in the credits in a short movie. It features a character being old and bored by some emotional drag. There is a lot of Berlin-Altbau feel as well as a bit of Paris-charming bliss in it. I wrote the song and lyrics.


This is a backing track for a female artist who came in with her basic song (chords, lyrics, vocals). I produced this backing track for her to turn the song into a pop-influenced melodramatic piece. I did all production, string lines and sound.

The next are  two songs. You might look for a nice theme song. Options are wide, these two feature some more sweet-pop stuff and some more challenging thing.

„Armor“. That’s a co-work with an Icelandic friend of mine. She wrote lyrics, I did the music. It’s a song about a strong person settled in a ‚tribe-like‘ theme. A rough demo, I sang the demo but more as a ghostwriter thing. So that song could be sung by a great singer and turn out to be magic.


„Guilty Minds Unravel“. Another work with my friend. A more beatle-esque approach to it, it shows some deep compositional capabilities. It’s a dark song about a last chance lost and musically a great thing as it really dives into realms of sophisticated areas.



Film music:

Dancing scene in a movie.


Opening scene for a David Fincher like atmo.

Two girls steal a picture while the museums‘ guard’s sleeping

A character gazing at a picture and dreaming away.

One last thing here, I re-arranged ‚Ice Dance‘ by Danny Elfman a couple years ago. I went on this Australian Festival in New South Wales, just behind the Great Dividing Range. For a couple of musicians, I wrote down this big orchestral piece to a playable version for a few players. It’s a bit rough on intonation, everyone more or less sight-read the music without much practice.

I do believe, as a musician you shall have some skills like knowing notation, arranging and knowing instruments. Hitting knobs is one thing, knowing what you’re doing deep in the core of music, that’s another.


Feel free to get in contact via musicmaikmusic@gmail.com or +49 160 18 34 182.

Kind regards,

Maik Antrack