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stuff for Phil

Hey Phil,

welcome back again. About six years ago, I went on tour with a songwriter, who resided in New York too. He still does, I assume. That was about that time of the year too, leaves start to change colors. To me, an interesting coincidence. However, my girlfriend always stops me now and says: Maik, shut up, what do you like to talk about??!


see here:

This is a pre-production backing track for a female artist who came in with her basic song (chords, lyrics, vocals). I produced this for her to turn the song into a pop-influenced melodramatic piece. Some German pop like „Unheilig“ or Sarah Connor were the bits to go for. I did all production, string lines, arrangement. Changed tempo and structure to have it nice and tight.


Next up are two songs. This is a co-work with an Icelandic friend of mine. She wrote all the lyrics, I did all the music. Ouch-separation here! 😉 However, these songs are scratch-pad version recordings. The material is set and worked out, set in a specific theme and best to listen as songdemos. My own artist thing, the musicmaik stuff, that is my area, where I work as an artist. Those songs here however, they are more written to give away eventually. So would you turn into a male Adele or Taylor or… (put your fav name in here please) and sing them? 🙂
They are great fun to play and I think, they have a solid base.

„Armor“. It’s a song about a strong person settled in a ‚tribe-like‘ theme. Initially, I had a bit of P!NK in mind when I listened to the first drafts, now it moves to a more smooth aesthetics, I think. Although it’s not in a final-production state, it feels good. Some nice second guitar bliss, I couldn’t resisssssst…


„Guilty Minds Unravel“. A more beatle-esque approach to it, it walks a path way into the woods. (But finds back out again!) It’s a dark song about a last chance given away and musically a great thing as it really dives into some deep waters. I love it.

There are a couple more songs we’ve written, all in those adult contemporary / alternative pop style, if you like to sum it up. Guilty minds is the most complex thing of it, other songs are more simple.


Last up is a short song, I did for a short movie.

‚Über’s Dach‘ is being played at the credit section of a short movie and is about a character, that has some frustrations about life but deals with it intellectually. So picture a guy sitting on some Berlin Altbau roofs and waiting for the sunrise. Put some old-Paris into, off you go..

There is more material that I wrote by myself but not to spam here…

Have a great day,
it’s those Early-autumn days, that get you inspired all the time!