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January 2017:

A song with traveling as a theme. Much indi, much floating, trippy!

June 2014 release:


Shiny, poppy, melodic, punchy set of five songs. I did the writing, arrangement, and general production on these. Played bass, guitar, sang and programmed midi sounds. Wrote lyrics. These songs float well in an alternative Pop / Rock vein, still melodic and sweet.

Written, arranged and done by Maik Antrack 
Drums played by Gidon Carmel 
Trumpets played by Damir Bacikin 
Trombones played by Fred Hendrich 

Bass & Drums recorded by Boris Breuer at Tempelton Studios, Berlin 
Everything else recorded by Johannes Krause, Berlin 
Mixed by Johannes Krause 
Mastered by Maik Antrack

October 2012 release:


This is my first album. Travel impressions from New Zealand and Australia turned into music. Sketchy, rough, picturesque and mysterious. I worked out spontaneous arrangements around a basic guitar idea. This is almost jazzy at times, a demo of deep musical textures and moods off the beaten track.

Written, arranged, programmed and done by Maik Antrack
Recorded and mixed by Johannes Krause
Mastered by Jens Güttes

Late 2011 release:


A Co-Writing work. Wrote some tunes, played bass and guitar.


More in between:


Fly Car Ad:

Well take a deep breath! I made up a video for a company, that’s pimping your car so it will fly! Cause there is no such around, I invented it by myself. Big eyes! Did the whole thing. And you know about fun?!


Startouch Travels ad:

Same thing here: An agency, that takes you to a distant planet for holidays. Not very serious, eh?