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Tad Auty

Who would combine an early-eighties trendy East – German boys name with the word ‘music’?
Saying that in English sounds weird too? Best, to get yourself a toast or a piece of cake or just take a breath and go on being curious. You get the idea, draw the lines dot by dot and you have the idea of a man, loving music.

The entrance door to my musical universe were deep-freq cellars of a bass guitar, going on to guitar, piano and composition. And while my inner bass player never sleeps, I like to find new rooms in the same musical house when I’m writing my originals.   Musicmaik, that’s the name for two things: First: Me being the bass player and composer. Traveling the world as a live musician or composer with other artists, connecting with different styles. I’m a versatile player with still the same important detail in mind: The groove of a musical group. Musicmaik, that’s -second: Me being the composer and songwriter of my own music. The kid on his very own playground. Traveling the world as a man being inspired by the awkward little moments, the angle of a sunray, the sound of breaking a branch. All together with the love for the odd, the love for melody. And a smile for craftsmanship. Listen to some vast music, I wrote during journeys. Or dip into some more charming yet blazing guitar stuff.     ooceeyaanCoverDigitalYT