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Welcome into the woods. At WALDGEISTWERK, music is created. It is a wood glade under a clear and quiet starry night, where shine turns into inspiration, then into music. WALDGEISTWERK is the single space where I create my compositions, the name under which songs, music, instrumentals and arrangements are written with passion. With the sense of German deepness, richness and compositional sensitivity. And most of all: Unique character.

Four offers:



A well crafted song – Not a copy-and-paste session on the computer. That’s what you get here. Would you like to have a song for your own project, album or your band? Maybe you went on your holiday and like to have a song written about your trip? With me you get a WALDGEISTWERK song, developed from solid craftsmanship. A solid underlying idea, with our without lyrics, works well with „Trial and Error“. You will get an epic melody to sing along with, a deep dark humming or just dead simple and easy-to-go. Options are plentiful.


Music / Instrumental

A composition of an idea for a specific instrumental combination. Stringed instruments, brass, choir. 6-string bass and mandolin are just a few options.


Musical direction

Once everything is written, then it’s got to be ready to be played live. Would you like to get that song from the album onto the stage? As a musical director, I adapt the core composition from an existing piece of music and help transform it into a live version. Keeping the soul and letting it shine. This is what I love to do. (Happy as a participating player too)


Arrangement / Production / Transcription

If a piece needs arranging, we will work as a team to steer it where it needs to go. Maybe you’ve got a demo and like to record it in the studio? Or there is a piece and you need it transposed into another key with different sound? Maybe music notation for your album? This is what I deliver: Collaborative, proper, efficient.